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Turkish Dalan Soap 15 x Bars Natural 100% Pure Olive Oil Bath Handmade Turkey


Please note: EACH PACKET = 5 DALAN SOAP 

These handmade soaps are vegetable based and PARABEN free. Suitable for both hair and body (though they are not tear free) and for all skin types. They can also be used to hand wash your delicate. One soap does it all. So simple.

Thanks to repairing properties of Vitamin E and antioxidants found naturally in high quantities in Olive oil, Dalan Antique moisture's and nourishes your skin. 

Dalan antique, 100% pure olive soap, is an indispensable natural beauty remedy of Turkish bath culture. It continues to be produced with traditional handmade methods for 70 years. It is made from 100% pure Aegean olive oil which also gives its natural color In order to ensure sustainable quality, Dalan produces its own olive oil and saponifies its soaps in-house.

 Please note that because these soaps are hand made, not by machine, there may be slight variations in their sizes and shapes.