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Turkish Traditional Pepper Salt Coffee Spice Grinder Mill


Turkish Traditional Pepper Salt Coffee Spice Grinder Mill UK stock 

> Measurements:

Diameter: 1.4 inch/ 3.5cm

Height: 4.4 inch/ 11cm

Bottom container diameter : 1.85 inch/ 4.7cm

> Material: Made of Zamac. Cast iron is used in the mechanism and conductor. Grinding mechanism is not adjustable.  You can use it as a regular mill also.

> How to use:

Slide the tiny lid on top of the product open and pour in the spice you would like to grind (pepper, salt and spice). Begin grinding by turning the top handle clockwise and your spice will be super easy to make. Simply twist the bottom container section open and spill out the contents.

It is advisable to run the grinder with rice to clean the grinder of any impurities. Dispose of the rice to avoid any further issues. Give the grinder a quick wipe and it will be ready to use. To avoid rusting, do not use the product in the dishwasher and keep water washing to a minimum. A light rinse should be fine to clean the contents.