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Customize Turkish Moroccan 9 Globe Floor Lamps



  •           Globe Size: 17 cm
  •           Item Height: 182 cm
  •           Item Length: 45 cm
  • HANDMADE IN TURKEY: Turkish floor lamps are produced 100% handmade with original colored glass and brass metal body. Our artisans combine the glass and beads on the globe to create a stunning handcrafted design. In order to protect it from external factors, bronze finishing was made on antique metal and a brass appearance was obtained. Each of the lamps descends sequentially from top to bottom. Instead of just a cable look, the lamps hang down with a decorated chain.

  • BRILLIANT MOSAIC GLOBES: Many different beads have been selected, cut to the ideal size and placed entirely by hand in each mosaic glass. Colorful mosaic spheres was obtained by gluing beads such as stars, rounds, squares, and rectangles to the glasses. Glass parts are in the original color. No paint is used. You can add your personalization to any of the 69 globes, each of which is 100% hand crafted, to the Customizable 9in1 Floor Lamp.

  • INSTALLATION OF CORNER LAMP: Assemble of floor lamp is quite simple. Firstly the 3 parts of the pole must be attached to each other separately. Then tighten the pole clockwise with the pulley on the upper part. Tighten it clockwise with the metal base, which is the last step to finish the frame of your floor lamp. Then install the bulb, then attach the mosaic glass with the larger side to the place where the bulb is. Finally, your standing lamp is ready!

  • BULBS AND PLUG: Fitted with a UK plug or a suitable adapter for your country.  The Floor lamp requires 9 x SES E14 Bulbs 15W to 25W and are not included.

  • CUSTOMIZE YOUR FLOOR LAMP: Please provide a message with your order which glass you wish to choose.

  • DELIVERY: Our customised lamps will be delivered in 10 to 15 days from our warehouse based in Turkey. Our staff maintain the same quality standard and electrical safety checks as our UK warehouse.   There will be no further taxes or duty to be paid.